Alex Ptak is a comedian and writer living in Brooklyn, New York.

Alex is a real stand up guy. He is #1 overall. He is the co-host and producer of the Paid Protest and Bad News comedy shows. Alex also runs the Pod Damn America and Ballin' Out Super podcasts on iTunes which receive 8-12 thousand listeners every week. You can see his work on Adult Swim, Time Out NY, MTV, and CollegeHumor in addition to every basement in America with a microphone.

When he’s is not traveling or performing around New York, Alex writes great comedy scripts that cause everyone around to clap and cheer. In the last few years he has written 2 pilots that have placed at national script competitions. His short sci-fi comedy Space Trash debuted in October 2018, becoming an official selection at the 2019 Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and New Filmmakers Film Festival, among others.

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Ballin' Out Super

Pod Damn America

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Ballin' Out Super is a weekly nerd podcast. Comedians Alex Ptak, Jeremy Hammond and Katie Rose Leon watch episodes of Adult Swim's "Dragon Ball Super" with a guest and try to explain what the hell happened into a microphone. Sometimes they succeed.

Pod Damn America is America’s #1 goth leftist comedy podcast from comedians Jake Flores, Anders Lee, and Alex Ptak. Episode topics range from a breakdown of the ideological foundation of liberalism to a thorough recounting of Solo: A Star Wars Story. The show is usually recorded at Jake's haunted house/apartment.

Bad News: It's A Comedy Show

Paid Protest

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"Bad News: It's a Comedy Show" is uncontested as Manhattan's best news-themed alternative comedy show. Carmen Lagala, Kevin Froleiks, and Alex Ptak host a lineup of innovative, exciting comedic voices each week along with their own local news style twist.

Doors open at 7PM at Cherry Tree Bar every Sunday in Brooklyn.


Paid Protest is a monthly stand up comedy show at various venues around NYC. Comedians Alex Ptak, Anders Lee, and Kath Barbadoro raise money for causes supporting the Democratic Socialists of America by showcasing talent from all around the country.

Space Trash

Space Trash is a science fiction comedy pilot. The story follows a band of incompetent thieves in the not-so-distant future living on a sneaker corporation's company town settled on a hastily colonized Mars.

Production was completed in a weekend in January 2018. Written and directed by Alex Ptak and shot by the extremely talented Doug Porter.

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The OMG BFF LOL CLUB was a free monthly comedy show at Legion bar in Brooklyn. It originally featured Alex Ptak, Andy Palmer, Ben Wasserman, and Daniel J Perafan as the council members of a twisted best friends' club where good intentions led to terrifying consequences.

HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: a show entirely themed around cake, a robot fighting a ghost on stage, and a real FBI agent in the audience ruining a great FBI gag.


The Terrible Tribune is a satire newspaper documenting the every day occurrences and concerns of small-town Tarwater, Florida. John Field and Alex Ptak curate the paper with special segments from their comedian friends.

The Terrible Tribune ran for 3 months and distributed close to 5000 copies around New York and New England.

Crunch Time Talk Show


The Crunch Time Talk Show is an up and coming web series following a nightly talk show that keeps. running. out. of. time. Costarred and co-written by Andrew Tavin and Alex Ptak. Produced by PIT TV. 

Left Jest

Left Jest is a radical politics / comedy podcast co-hosted by Alex Ptak, Anders Lee, and Raghav Mehta. We have on all kind of guests from prominent journalists, media figures, other comedians, and that one homeless guy who broke in and rapped for us that one time.

Spooky Church(Title Pending)

Fist of Fists!!!


FIST OF FISTS!!! was Alex's thesis project at NYU. It's a half hour length fighting anime satire written for television.

Mace leaves the comfort of his dojo in Japan's suicide forest to the suburbs of Massachusetts in pursuit of vengeance for his master. He aims to find and defeat the killer El Serpiente Caminando. But all is not as it seems in this quiet town...


Spooky Church (Title Pending) is a collaborative TV script written by Alex Ptak and Andrew Tavin. It was a quarterfinalist in the national Script Pipeline Screenwriting competition in 2016.

Justy Sherwood, fear enthusiast, is enthralled to inherit a rural Christian hell house in the hopes of making the spookiest haunted house of all time. Unfortunately, it's going to take a lot more work than she thought to turn the local outlet of worship into a fortress of secular terror.

Emblem Free Comedy Show

2 In The Bush(wick)


A fun, free, comedy open mic every Thursday at the Ange Noir Cafe from 7:00-9:00 PM. The mic is popular for its niche features including the option to accept challenges to extend your stage time and a live DJ playing between acts.

A free stand up comedy showcase co-hosted by Alex Ptak and Andy Palmer at Ange Noir Café on the last Saturday of every month. Each show explores a new theme before bringing a fresh collection of underground stand up talent on stage. Past guests include Aparna Nancherla, Nick Vatterott, and Shane Torres.

Houston: A 70's Soap Opera. Now!

Houston is a television pilot inspired by 1978's Dallas. It follows the elite Buck family as they run their ferocious hedge fund in Houston. Will the Buck's decadent lives be brought to an end when one of their own succumbs to the love of a simple Cheese Man?

Houston finished in the top 20% selection of comedy pilots in the 2018 New York Television Festival.

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Crunch time talk Show

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